Media Training

Many people become uneasy when a journalist calls. Often, the uncertainty is due to a lack of experience with the media and knowledge about the media's role and journalists' mindset.

With this full-day course, you will feel confident when interviewed by the media. We tailor the media training to your needs. The course is led by an experienced journalist with over 20 years of experience from the country's largest media houses. The course includes both theory and practical exercises in front of the camera.

How to become confident when facing the media

During the course, we cover: The role of the press, news criteria, different types of interviews, and the Code of Ethics for the Press (Vær varsom-plakaten).

We practice formulating a message clearly, work on body language and voice usage, and how to best prepare for the interview. There will be exercises in front of the camera and evaluations in a plenary session.

The price of the course is NOK 6500,- per participant and includes lunch and coffee.


About the course

The role of the press and the Code of Ethics for the Press (Vær varsom-plakaten)
The newspaper interview, the live interview, and the TV report
Message, body language, and voice usage
Practical exercises in front of the camera and evaluation

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