Digital marketing

Use social media channels effectively to attract and engage and to lead traffic to your website. Optimize your website for search and conversion and grow organically on platforms such as LinkedIn and Meta with great content and paid ads that convert. 

Synas specializes in B2B and digital marketing with social media, content marketing, email newsletters, SEO, advertising, referral marketing, and more. We know your target audience and can tailor campaigns to reach your goals.


Attract and engage

Choosing the right message for the right platform is the key to success on any marketing channel. Our experience with B2B marketing for tech companies that may offer complex products with long sales cycles has given us valuable insights into what works where.

Social media marketing that works
We can help you with your strategies, campaigns, content, and publishing to all marketing channels, including your social media. We constantly monitor new rules, methods, and algorithms to offer an efficient service and return on investment for you.

Our most frequently used social media platform is LinkedIn, but Facebook and Instagram also offer value for businesses. We work organically and with paid advertising on all of these platforms. 











Get started

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With our marketing-for-hire offering, we can supplement your existing marketing team with video marketing, content marketing, designs, campaigns, and more, or take care of all your marketing, PR, and communication needs.  

It would be great if you could let us know what you need help with. If you are unsure, then no problem at all.