Stand out from the crowd at events

We help you stand out from the crowds at events and secure a high event-ROI. 

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Event planning and execution

Events create a space where live interactions and firsthand experiences drive customer engagement and business opportunities for your company. 

It's a unique way to demonstrate your products and services in a dynamic, memorable way, fostering direct connections and leaving lasting impressions with attendees. Get the attention, generate the leads and close the sale. 

We offer a full-service package and all you need for lead-generating event activities


Synas is fantastic to deal with. They are always fast, efficient, and right on the mark when it comes to the brief. The Synas team really are some of the best creatives we have had the pleasure of working with

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Emily Dawson
Creative Services, Stem Media

Synas has been instrumental in building up Fonn Group with companies as an international success story We developed the User Summit concept with Synas as a meeting place for our customers to share their ideas and challenges, discuss, and network. With their exceptional branding, marketing, and communication skills, our yearly User Summit is a huge success as a must-attend meeting place for our customers.

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Håvard S. Myklebust
CEO of Fonn Group and Executive Chairman in Mimir and Dina

As our trusted marketing partner, they have collaborated closely with our internal teams, supporting product development, sales, and VPs. Their expertise in tradeshow events and the contributions to our global visibility has helped us gain remarkable industry awards

Bård Espen Hansen
VP of Sales and Marketing at Dina

Understanding the customer journey = improve your event ROI

Get the attention, generate leads and close sales.

It demands time and thorough work to secure high event- ROI.

Partnering with Synas for event planning will add years of experience to your team, and you can focus on your day-to-day work.


Key factors for arranging a successful event


Building the Program

From the initial ideas to programming the event agenda, inviting customers and other speakers, updating, announcing, and coordinating. Synas ensure that everything is done professionally and efficiently 


Promoting the Event

We ensure that all promotional assets for your event invitations, website, program, announcements, banners, ads, print, videos, templates, and more look amazing and are clear and informative


Planning and Logistics

Finding the best location, booking AV and event production, accommodation, food and drinks for your breaks, transport, dinners, and more. We ensure everything is taken care of. 


Leads scanning

We help digitize your leads during events, making them qualify for sales. In addition, we segment them and prepare them for post-event activities. 


Announcements & PRs

During events, we provide our services within announcements and PR, making sure you are always up to speed on updating your network and generating leads.


Product sign-ups

Our post-event activities includes sales presentations, generating product sign-ups and downloads, providing newsletters, and more.

Get ahead of your next event